Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heat wave burning in my heart

Eleven years ago, when I moved back to Texas, the weather was very hot very early in the Summer. That, too, was a la nina year. I have faith in sunspots and cycles. I tend to re-interpret big bangs and apocalyptic visions and weather and frozen yogurt flavors as one cycle after another.

I ate pho ga' tonight and read Urban Animal, the free magazine about pet adoption in our area. The power at our office went out for a period of time today, due to some malfunction or other. I'm reading about and listening to the music of the organist Jehan Alain. He was killed fighting the Nazis during WW II, at the age of 29. His story is sad and poignant, but his music transcends.

I'm thinking about nano-cameras and a park in the hill country with a huge rock hill which looks like pink bubble gum.

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