Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cycle talk

I love the cycles. In El nino years, the rain brings more wildflowers and the Summer cools with the storms.
In this la nina year, a hint of a drought and a hint of heat permeates everything. The thermometer is topping 100 degrees during the day here, but not so far away it topped 106. I can't complain. When you enlist in Texas, you have to march in the July heat.

I'm reveling in a bid that succeeded for a 3 star Marriott for 60 dollars. I'm eager to work hard and get things done. The mockingbird in our front yard crape myrtle tree is very territorial. I'm daydreaming about dawn in a dense Audubon prairie.

I'm reading Trollope's "The Three Clerks" on my e-reader. I'm contemplating a paperless world. Today they rescued a local man who fell 50' down a hole. A new album of ambient music debuted in tonight.
I'm hungry for tandoori.

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