Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Riding on the Phantom Circuit

The Phantom Circuit Podcast hails from Birmingham over in England. Some months ago, I got a very kind note asking if I'd like to submit a song cycle to be featured on the podcast. Over time, I created a set of songs using my software synthesizers, as well as samples of my voice and of various simple woodwind instruments I keep handy for this purpose. I created a set of songs and gave each the name of a rural or forgotten place (in one case a disused railway stop) not that far from Manchester. This is my Phantom Circuit for an imaginary railway, which is now featured on the Phantom Circuit podcast, Episode 77. My songs are interspersed with some cool music by other artists.

I'm very fond of the Phantom Circuit podcast, and pleased to have my gentle melodies featured Episode 77. If you'd like to tune in and hear them, please click here:


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