Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

brown-headed cowbirds on parade

Each Summer I pledge not to let the heat keep me indoors. Fulfilling this pledge makes life more fun. Today as I drove home, the radio announced a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. When I reached the Harris section of the Spring Creek Greenbelt in Garland on my way home this afternoon, I pulled into the parking lot. I put my binoculars around my neck and began to walk.

This park is lovely--one crosses under the roadway via sidewalk, and the sidewalk takes one on a concrete sidewalk path. On one's left is scraggle-woods leading to Spring Creek. On one's right is open field. Straight ahead the path loops around a little creek-fed pond. The whole loop is 8/10ths of a mile.

The heat proved to be no distraction. The swallows did not slow down a bit--nor did the eastern kingbird, nor did the brown-headed cowbirds. Brown-headed cowbirds are little blackbirds with brown heads. I like them because they remind me of the people you knew in elementary school (in my case, the word is perhaps not "knew" but "became") who never quite got color coordination down right. They're graceful, and smart, and lovable, and unloved, and odd--and that's an unbeatable combination.

I liked the eastern kingbird, which is a lot like a flycatcher wearing funeral clothes, as well as several sunfish, a turtle, and the ubiquitous starling. The walk was refreshing, even in the heat. Now I feel my Friday is off to the right start.

My wife and I dined on restaurant-grilled flounder, and marveled at the odd choices people make in life. I spent my dawn hours finding options and things to do--which is fun.
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