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restless whispers

Today we conquered the world. Well, not actually. We only got something important out the door that I thought I'd be spending the weekend completing. I did good work, but our rapid pace was nearly entirely due to our part-time paralegal. I am not always the world's best "team player" (to phrase it charitably), but the team approach really worked today.

Tonight the local bar association had a fellow from the attorney grievance committee speak to us. The stats on lawyer discipline, as well as the cautionary tales, all served a purpose. I was surprised that far fewer lawyers seem to be disbarred in Texas each year than I thought was the case in California. I had always had the idea the reverse was true. On the drive to the bar association meeting, which is held at a small local country club,
I pondered whether I should submit an important political motion that our dues be used to supplement the dinner each month with a piece of pumpkin pie, but I decided to retain my bipartisan approach to bar association life instead.

One of the fellows at dinner was telling me that he and his wife
have a side business--running an adoption agency. Although I can imagine many stresses in that business, I'd have to think that is worthwhile work. I had a vision, just for an instant, of some Avalon in which I help people who want to have children but cannot.
Then the mists faded, and I was back in Texas again. It's hot as Hell here, so perhaps the Rapture has come, I've been Left Behind, and a lot of fellows who look like Buffy demon rejects are going to make my life Very Interesting Indeed. But I think it's just the weather.

If I were a carpenter, I'd hammer morning, noon, and night, but I am worried that instead of hammering out danger, justice or love between my brother and my sister, I'd work on that dent from my fender bender last week.

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