Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dutch bike dreams

I progress. My music room fails as yet to look pristine. I expect no achievement of pristine in my lifetime.
Still, my efforts to de-clutter begin to show results. The room looks near-human, and soon, at this pace, will look near-livable.

I discovered a new park today. It's over in Frisco, one town over. Frisco grows like a weed, sprouting new shopping and new parks and schools with kudzu-like fervor. Today I walked at this discovery, the Herman Bacchus Community Park. The park comprises a number of athletic fields--usually, not my favorite kind of park. I tend to favor parks in which trails run through woodlands and prairies. Yet on this 100 degree day, I and only another couple of brave souls attended the park's splendors. The other patrons hit baseballs with a sonically-pleasing bat. I walked by the riparian woods and looked for birds. I saw mockingbirds and cardinals in the woods. Near a small pond, I saw numerous killdeer, a sedate and patient great blue heron, and a number of ducklings accompanying a mother duck. I found the prospect pleasing.

I spent part of the morning in Glendover Park. There I saw lots of swallows, a number of young scissortail flycatchers, Ducks, geese, ducklings, grackles, starlings, brown-headed cowbirds, and a blue jay. At the end of the day, a stop by Russell Park in Plano yielded swallows quite amenable to me photographing them. I wish I knew my swallows better. I show my imperfect knowledge when I try to tell one species from another.

I stopped by a Target to see what an off-the-rack bicycle costs. I now spend more time thinking about the bicycle than actually getting one. Some days I want a Dutch bike, ever since I saw a great youtube on the history of bike paths in the Netherlands. I believe that Dutch people "got game" when it comes to sensible biking. Some days I want a used bike, because the world is full enough of used bikes. I never want a bike with too many gears, too high a price or too much gear-headedness. But the day approaches when what I need most of all is to ride.

I stopped by the McKinney SPCA, a five or so minute drive away. I love to see the dogs--so eager, so worthy of adoption. I saw many dogs I call favorites. The terrier mix pups proved quite winning--but then next time we adopt, I think we'll go for grown dogs. They need to be adopted most. I slipped a ten into the collection bottle as I left. Perhaps adoption dogs are not a spectator sport, but they're the best ticket in town, I believe, and the best value for the money.

Tomorrow I plan to make more progress.

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