Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heaven on a bun

I've been listening to radio via the internet via Android radio applications. This morning I listened to a station in Norway. I could not understand the Norwegian words, but the songs were easy to follow. This evening I listened to a community station in Toronto. I liked the description of an upcoming exhibition by Mounties on motorcycles, and a blues band coming into town.

I'm pleased that my effort to de-clutter my car succeeded. I want to do the same with our house. I love that the Friends of the Library sent me their pdf newsletter, which suggested donating books for their sale operation. I am on it.

As we drove to dinner tonight, I saw a small, angry songbird besetting a large great-tailed grackle. Finally, the grackle had the good sense to land, as the smaller bird could harass it effectively in the air. The grackle could stand its ground when stationary but facing an angry small bird.

A colleague and I went to a wonderful downtown Fort Worth barbecue place for lunch. It was a very small place, very down home. A pre-chain place. Heaven.

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