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June Sky

My car crossed 160,000 miles lately. It's proven to be the little Hyundai Sonata that could. I am likely to replace it soon, but I have stray fantasies of modifying it and keeping it a while. I thought about taking it to Earl Scheib, the [in]famous original inexpensive paint job place, only to find that this chain went out of business. So much for my dreams of a baby blue paint job, racing stripe optional.

Then I wondered what the name was for the things they put on cars with patterns or lettering that are short of a paint job. I consider these designs rather the henna tattoos of the automotive world, except that nobody would buy a henna tattoo that says "Joe Buck's Real Estate: Your House, Our Obsession". If I got a henna tattoo, it would be some kind of benevolent dragon. I think my auto design would be a string-art image I created with my FM Logo language program. It would be a henna art temporary computer string-cheese incident.

I read about the town of Vernon, Texas, up on the Oklahoma border. I liked this part of its history: it applied to the postoffice to be known as Eagle Flat. But too many towns had "Eagle" in the name, so that the post office just assigned it "Vernon" out of the blue instead. Apparently, they did not even include the "Mount", because Vernon is too flat.

It's a bit like one's own name. So many people, I suspect, deep down are "Eagle" or "Gazelle", who in fact get named Hank or Louise or Emily or Jacob. I've even known a few people who were like Earl Scheib--and just painted over it.

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