Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

painted bunting

Friday evening we had a fine, very quick supper at Mama Pita in Plano, where the carrot hummus flowed like Bugs Bunny. We then went to see the documentary "Buck", about a horse trainer whose story was both inspiring and a reason to pause and think. Saturday morning we walked at Towne Lake Park, where we saw a lovely eastern bluebird. We had lunch at Elke's Market Cafe in Allen, where the tomato basil soup was journal-worthy. Saturday afternoon we went to a store to get my recent high school graduate nephew a special graduation gift. Saturday evening we ate a late dinner at Mimi's Cafe, where I enjoyed the healthy sauteed chicken item off the fitness menu. Saturday night I fell asleep listening to the Stillstream radio program--ambient music can salve the weary soul, but also salve the weary eyes right off to sleep.

Sunday morning I took an early morning hike at Oak Point Park. I was thrilled to see my first painted bunting this Summer. I also saw cedar waxwing, Carolina chickadee, a female cardinal and two large crows. I found a part of the park on the other side of the Meadow Trail. It was like finding a secret garden. I took lots of .avi video with the little Taiwanese camera I bought some years ago for 25 dollars on eBay. Lately this morning and early this afternoon, I completed a remix of another artist's work for ccmixter. During my hike, I had laid out this careful plan to do x and y to achieve z sound, only to find the actual aa and k I did worked much better, and created a song that sounded completely differently from what I imagined. I'll upload it on next Sunday, as per the "secret mixter" secret-Santa-like rules. This Sunday afternoon, I attended Weight Watchers, to find I lost .6 pounds, keeping me over 22 pounds lost since I restarted at the end of March. This evening I used the free software Videospin to create a simple video of my hike. I posted it on youtube, though I should have deleted more of the flawed transition fx out of the video. Tonight I ate healthy microwave lasagna, watched True Blood against my better judgment, and thought about reading my Swedish mystery novel on my e-reader to end my evening.

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