Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

slithering hopes

I got up at dawn and completely de-cluttered the inside of my car. It felt great to get it in better shape.

My young friend and I drove to the southern part of Dallas County to the Trinity River Audubon Center, after a fortifying stop at Escape Coffee Shop for pastries. On the hiking trail, we saw a non-venomous snake--a rat snake, I theorize, crossing the trail. He was very sedate and oblivious to us. I was impressed how he did not stay low to the ground, but instead crossed over onto the top of some ankle-high grasses. Rat snakes supposedly put up a bit of a show around strangers--thumping their tails to imitate rattlesnakes and making fake striking poses--but this guy was a pacifist--and so were we.

We saw some red-wing blackbirds and ample swallows, and I saw a kingbird or two. But we mostly walked, until the heat came up at 10 a.m. Then we toured the little museum, which is in this incredible building with great architecture. We saw a bullfrog in an aquarium and a demonstration exhibit about flood control in the Trinity River flood plain. A little toddler named Abigail would pass us from time to time, and always wave "hi" or "bye". She was as cute as a button on a teddy bear's lapel.

We went to Forever Young Record Store in Grand Prairie, where my friend bought a heavy metal album, and I elected not to purcahse anything. Then we picked my wife up at home, and drove her to the car dealership, which was servicing her Nissan Altima. My friend and I went on to the new Hibachi Sushi Grill buffet place in Allen. This new place was doing vigorous business. I particularly liked the cooked zucchini.

After lunch, we went to the Wilson Creek Nature Trail in McKinney. Though the heat was oppressive elsewhere, this wooded riparian trail was less a circle of Hell than a heck of a good time. I liked best the red-bellied woodpecker, in large part because they are never at a loss for words. We had a dessert at Yogurtville, and then called it an afternoon.

On my way from a small town back to my somewhat larger town, I listened on Mog to a couple of routines by Bob Newhart. Contrary to my expectation, this segued into a routine by Bill Cosby, and then into an only mildly off-color set of routines by Redd Fox.

I drove to the Trademark Car Wash in Allen and ordered up a series of procedures only the Mayo Clinic could appreciate. An hour and ten minutes later, I had a thoroughly scrubbed, waxed and vacuumed automobile. If I could somehow get my car inexpensively painted an absurd color (I had fantasies of art car designs) and
put new speakers in, I would be tempted to see how long my 159,000 mile winning streak on this Sonata will last.

My wife and I went to Fishmongers Cafe, where I had a grilled tilapia and a dry salad, with three pairs of crackers. It was a great meal. Then we walked in the dusk at the Spring Creek park on Renner Road in Richardson, where we saw no owls but two rabbits. The rabbits must be wise to avoid the owls.

My next goal is to actively de-clutter the home. Sacrilege though it be, an e-reader is causing me to wonder if I wish to keep an x,000 book library. We need to pick up all our books and hand items, pack them away,
replace our well-worn and canine-afflicted carpet, and put down wood composites and rugs. Ideally, I'd have liked to do that before we have overnight guests next month, but in the event, this will be an August
task. Yet today I am reminded that analog things make my life more hassle--and I want the hassle to reduce.
Digital offers some hope to help me condense my possessions.

Today was a fine day. I braved the heat and am glad to have done so. Now it is time to explore my creativity with some additional projects.

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