Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

red winged apps

I'm quite busy at work, which is a good but busy thing. At lunch, I went for a walk at Springfield Park in Rowlett. I like the red-winged blackbirds there. The conventional photo was not all that grand, so I played with inverting photo fx:

red wing blackbird

My wife had a club meeting tonight. I called my dad, with whom I enjoy speaking. I figured out how to download things from Amazon Android store to my Pandigital e-reader. I got the MOG software to download for free, so that I could listen to artists on my e-reader while I read or e-mail.
I got the Amazon kindle app loaded and tested, so that I can buy e-books from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble. I downloaded the game "Blasted Thieves", which features my song, in its "pay version', but it did not work well. I alerted the cool guy who is the developer, so that he could
figure out if it is my device or the game that is the issue. I am pleased to be able to use the Amazon Android store, because that expands my selection dramatically.

I found out that the film "Magnum Farce" for which I supplied several songs is in next month's Ventura Film Festival. Meanwhile, the heat here is nearly 100 degrees F. My goodness, what a Summer it will be!

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