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the unexpected and point four

I got up for an early morning walk in Glendover Park today, before the temperature rose. I saw a Carolina chickadee, a scissortail flycatcher, and a huge catfish that someone caught in the small park pond. I took a picture of this little guy:

cottontail rabbit

The seven ducklings were in fine form, hunting forage in the grass by the pond. A man walking by told me that originally there were twelve, and until recently nine--it's hard to be a duckling.

After church, I watched youtube videos on my little tablet. I watched animated short films: "Big Buck Bunny", which I enjoyed more this time than the first time I saw it; the French film "Deplay", which was very well done, and a Polish film I'd not seen before with "falling" in the title. I even got vimeo to work, albeit the image was not full size for a film from Iceland which involved fashion in some way. At some point, though, the new application stopped working, and now the videos won't play. It's too bad, because it was fun to watch films on the tablet.

We went to church at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano. I suspect we'll change our membership to there eventually. The associate minister, Alexandra Robinson, gave the sermon, which addressed the issue of "spiritual gifts" in a (thankfully) non-televangelistic way. She spoke without notes with an assurance and skill I found impressive. I appreciated that the program advised the congregation to remain congregated for the organ closing voluntary, a French piece I had not heard before. We dined at Subway sandwiches after lunch.

At Weight Watchers, I had gained nearly half a pound, which fits the pattern for me after several surprisingly good weeks. I blame the Melba toast incident on Friday evening. To hold the gain to half a pound, rather than the four pounds that is more per the mildly yo-yo but overall good pattern when I do Weight Watchers, made me feel good.

This afternoon, I finished a new song using samples from ccMixter, named it "Daisy". and posted it at ccMixter. I've been listening to a lot of folk, classical, and art rock, but my influences did not create a sophisticated yet poignant piece. Instead, it sounds like romper room visited a rural carnival. I believe it may be useful for folks with fun little videos for which free soundtracks are needed. The experience tells me, by the way, that I must do a commercial release through cdbaby or tunecore, so that services like Mog will have my songs in their search engines.
This is a project for this Summer.

I fell asleep in the late afternoon, but awoke in the early evening in time for watch the Dallas Mavericks win the sixth game of the NBA Finals, and become the NBA champions. Who would have imagined a Rangers World Series, a Mavericks NBA Championship, and the Cowboys with a losing season? I was pleased for the whole team, but in particular Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzski, who attained a goal that might otherwise have eluded them.

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