Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Car Shopping

Today my brother Bruce can serve as a capable guest weblogger, as his entry tells the story of my morning very well:

My morning, as told by my younger brother.

Also, today I got an e mail from the co-director and star of a short film called "10 Ave Maria", which is playing at the Aruba Film Festival tomorrow afternoon. It uses several of my ambient works to tell a rather disturbing but effective tale. Here is the site:

10 Ave Maria Film Site

The day also featured some accomplishments:

1. I figured out how to load a Youtube app onto my pandigital color 7 tablet, which works pretty well. I am grateful to the kind soul on the internet who explained how to do it in a website. Now that I know how to add apps this way, the sky is the limit.

2. A draft of a song is well along, even with a sequencer crash (note to self: save more drafts).

3. I am having a ball with subscription music at Mog dot com, and finding tons of great music now that I am on a monthly plan. I should have done this months ago, if not years.

4. I got a gel cover for my pandigital at Toys R Us.

5. I figured out how better to use the e-reader bookmark functions.

6. We tried a great new Mediterranean place in Allen.

7. I got some sleep this afternoon.

Also, when my wife and I took a great walk on the Spring Creek Trail, I saw this:
yellow wildflower
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