Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heat and bloom

I got up early and went for a walk at Sister Grove Park. I saw lots of wildflowers. I shot lots of pictures, which I posted in a youtube video today.

I worked on putting together an EP of songs I'd been invited to submit to a podcast at the end of last year. We'll see if the podcast uses them.

Neil Sperry, the AM radio gardener, spoke today of picking ground cover according to the longevity of the sheltering tree. Under his theory, one would not pick shade-dependent English Ivy to sit under a short-lived tree. I feel there are all sorts of practical applications to this theory outside the garden context.

I got an e-reader. I went with the less expensive Pandigital Novel 7. So far, I've set up the e-reader and begun a novel, used the browser to surf the web, downloaded a task killer application, and linked up to Facebook. I'm still working on trying to get a good twitter client loaded, as the twitter clients thus far profess not to recognize my log-in data. Then I will tackle an app or browser to allow me to watch youtubes. I love Android in part because there is so often an app which will let one do what the handbook says is impossible. The reader is compatible with Barnes and Noble. Although I dislike the DRM in book downloads, it will be handy to be compatible with the Nook, because my wife has a Nook.

My theory is that my e-reader will be all the tablet I will need for a few years, at a cost of less than 150 dollars. I downloaded two novels by a former law partner of mine. I had bought one in soft cover, but mislaid it. Now I'm well along again on the first one, and find the e-reader quite handy.

I crossed the 20 pounds lost mark at Weight Watchers, in a bit over 2 months. This makes me happy, and also makes me feel a bit silly for ever stopping Weight Watchers to begin with--everyone always feels they are excellent self-monitors, until they fail to self-monitor.

We got a new washing machine yesterday--top loaded, but with no spindle. We are working to overcome the banning of phosphates in our dishwasher. Our dogs love Buddy Bite treats, which look like animal crackers, except the "buddy" in question is human. I took Beatrice for a walk at 11 a.m., but it was really too hot to walk. She's a very eager dog, though, and we went from shady tree to shady tree, rather to the disquiet of nearby birds.

I saw western kingbird fly from a tree and capture a small butterfly in mid-air. I felt a little badly for the butterfly, but the capture was nonetheless fascinating. The heat was oppressive in the late afternoon. I love the names of English rural parks. I read that Henry Winkler wrote a cool book about fly fishing in Montana. I chose not to attend my second high school reunion in a row--having 2 high schools causes one to make these choices. Already, I hope next year to substitute a Camden dog show for the daffodil festival.

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