Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

All times are approximate

Eight a.m.:
Drove to Market Street on Bethany Road in Allen
I purchased and consumed an oatmeal, festooning it with brown sugar and pecans.

The Mechanic:
Eight twenty five a.m.:
Drove to Car Care Central, near the corner of Legacy and Spring Creek, in Plano, Texas.
I explained to the mechanic on duty that I had brake problems and possibly transmission problems.

The walk:
Eight thirty five a.m.:
I walked south on Alma Road to the Wal-Green's drug store. After browsing, I purchased 250 feet of kite string and a copy of Money Magazine. I also stopped at the Bluebonnet Trail, which is a simple trail system that runs underneath huge power lines. I stopped and looked at the wildflowers:

wildflowers, plano, texas.

Nine ten a.m.:
The day was quite chilly, and I was in short sleeves. I walked to the Goodwill at spring Creek and Alma
to see if I could buy a long sleeve shirt. During my walk I saw lots of doves and grackles.
Goodwill did not open until 10 a.m. I walked east on Legacy Drive. I stopped at a park bench by an unused softball field to read my Money Magazine for a moment. Then I walked on to the Wal-mart at
on the 75 access road at Legacy. I browsed in electronics, where they had very nice point and shoot Olympus cameras on sale for 49 dollars. I did not buy one, but counted it as support for my theory that all electronics will ultimately be very inexpensive.
I bought a simple long-sleeve pullover for 5 dollars and 41 cents.

Nine thirty a.m.:
I walked west on Legacy Drive. As I walked near a few small trees, I saw a flash of flying golden bird pass by. I saw a western kingbird--actually, two of them. I got out my binoculars and watched on who had landed on a brick wall across Legacy Drive.
He was lovely! I also saw mockingbirds, doves, grackles and starlings.

I stopped at one point to watch a softball game involving very tiny girls. They were playing the variant called "coach pitch", in which one of the coaches pitches the ball to each batter. The young infielders seemed incapable of ever fielding and forcing an out, causing me to wonder how games in this level of sport ever end. Even the shortest ground ball could be a base hit, or could bat runs in. It was fun to watch these young people play so earnestly.

Then I went to the Goodwill again, and browsed around a bit.

Ten Thirty a.m.:

My wife called and offered to come pick me up. I waited outside the Goodwill, where
I got to see a starling singing in a tree:

Starling song

I also saw two scissortail flycatchers arguing over territory in mid-air right in the parking lot, their 9 inch long tail feathers making a dance in mid-air.

Ten forty five a.m.:

My wife picked me up at the Goodwill, and we drove to lunch.

Eleven a.m.:

We went to lunch at Elke's in Allen. My wife gets along well with the people who work there.
She saw her friend Maria there, who works behind the counter. I ordered a turkey sandwich with fresh fruit.

Eleven thirty a.m.:

We drove to the Staples just off the Sam Rayburn Tollway (nee' Highway 121). We got a
huge box of printer paper. I looked at tablet computers.

Then we walked to Petsmart, where we got new dogfood for our friends.

Twelve fifteen p.m.

We drove to Stonebriar Mall, where my wife had to return jewelry and shoes she had bought but decided not to keep. All the tags were on the unused merchandise, so that the exchanges were easy. I got a call from the garage, advising me that I would need brake work, and that the price would be twice what I estimated because both front and back sections of the car needed attention.
I will soon sell this car, but I spent the money, as the alternative would be to rent while I decide on my new car, and I'd rather keep my car until I replace it.

While we were at Stonebriar Mall, we saw the new Lego Store. I liked the huge assortments of
bricks in many different colors.

Three p.m.

We drove to Collin Creek Mall, where she had a similar return to make. Then we walked to
the Sears. Our washing machine is on its last legs, after a decade of noble service.
When we arrived at the store, my wife pulled out the Consumer Reports ratings for washers she had printed up. We found that Sears had a top-loading Whirlpool that was top-rated. We purchased that washer, and arranged for its delivery next Saturday.

Four p.m.

My wife dropped me off to pick up my car. The car was palpably improved. I returned hom and shaved and put on my suit.

Six p.m.

We went to the banquet and silent auction for My Own Book, a charity which provides leisure books for school kids to read. During the silent auction, I bid on lots of things which were very low priced, hoping to encourage others to bid. Oddly, instead, I won a huge number of auctions, getting high-ticket items for very low-ticket prices. The result was that though I spent a
rather large sum of money for charity, I ended up with a huge assortment of expensive things at very reasonable prices (i.e., total "steals"). All told, I think I paid about 20 percent or less of the actual market value of the items.

Here is a portion of what I won:

1. A 150 minute ride for 80 people in a catamaran on a nearby lake
2. a baseball signed by Ronald Reagan
3. lodging for a four day weekend in Vermont at a lodge
4. a meeting with a personal organizer
5. a collection of gadgets like digital frames.

The speaker at the dinner was Tim Tingle, a storyteller who spoke fervently and well in favor of the power of books. This charity is amazing--even if I even do not know 80 people to ask on a catamaran ride.

Ten p.m.

Our friends Scott and Donna, who also attended the charity event, wanted to try the In N Out burger place that just opened in Allen. They have caused buzz here, as they are a California based chain which just opened in Texas. We used to live in California, and are immune to the buzz. My wife and I went along for camaraderie, and to get Diet Cokes.

When we arrived at the store, we found a line of dozens of cars to get in. A Krispy-kreme-level hype had set in. We bid our friends adieu via cell phone, did without the burger place, and went home.

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