Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Monday fatigue be-bop

I put in the requisite work hours today, though tomorrow and Wednesday will still be as busy as might be expected from the length of my things to do list. I got a lot of chores done this weekend, had a lot of fun, and got some exercise in. Still, I feel very disappointed with my weekend. I am not one of those "another wasted weekend" kind of people. But I promise myself that next Labor Day is going to be much more fun than this one proved to be.

I had some polite fellow ask me to review his upcoming book on, and then e mail me a massive adobe file. I'm a big fan of actual paper, rather than reading on-screen, but I'll adapt to the cyber low fi technology. The last memoir I read was Jean Strouse's wonderful JP Morgan memoir, but I tend more often to review novels, chess books and theology. I wonder if this book is by a would be captain of industry, or a sometime emissary of God? Time will tell. JP Morgan, by the way, is an interesting life--debilitating depression sufferer, remarkable monopolist with business acumen, and educated man with a deep-seated love for art, mistresses and religion. I read biographies like that and wonder how people find the time.

Tonight I will finish my numerous mailings for tomorrow's mail.
I want to mail the whole world a thought, in the same way that, like the soda commercial, I'd like to teach the world to sing. But I'll settle for mailing out needful things and fun things in small quantities to folks on my mailing lists. I feel glad to get a few things done at last.

I should see my life as a matter of achieving goals in small steps. This weekend, mastering glue dots. Next weekend, mixing slapdash discordant music. Two weekends from now, writing bad poetry. By October, the world.

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