Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mad, mad world

Beatrice is ready to play

This morning I picked up my young friend at 8 a.m. We proceeded to the Market Street grocery, where we each had a bowl of hot oatmeal. I added brown sugar, two fresh blueberries, and chopped pecans to my oatmeal.

We then drove to Lake Ray Roberts, northwest of where I live. We went to the Isle du Bois unit. As I showed my annual state park pass, I asked the person at the ranger station if we could buy fish bait at the park. She advised that the park store was closed, but then, after a bit of polite cross-examination, I was able to establish that just down the road, past the dam, The Dam Store sold this precious commodity. We drove over the dam to The Dam Store, which advertised that it had the best dam sandwich. I got us earthworms with which to fish. We set up our lawn chairs in a little inlet of the lake. I got one bite which got away, and we each got various nibbles and strikes. Neither of us caught a fish.

Across the inlet, a family of four had their camping tent set up. They had a power boat which was very attractive. The husband, the wife, and even the very young son were skilled at casting their spinner bait into the water. The wife landed a nice little bass while we watched. As I watched this impressively Stepford setting, I imagined what it would be like to have 2.2 kids and an evinrude outboard motor. My life works in more mysterious dam store ways.

We drove to nearby Denton, where I had read that a fellow had just opened a new record store called Mad World Records. Denton is rather a music town, with its local state university
being filled past the brim with music majors, and in particular jazz players. It is an ideal place for new stores to open in an era when music stores all close.

The selection was great at the store. The store had a good sized local artist section. The
woman behind the counter offered very friendly service. Her lower arms were covered with very colorful tattoos. A music guy brought his toddler in, and the woman behind the counter had a hearty dialogue, complete with children's song, with the very cute toddler. I got a used CD of Henry Alwyn, which includes his harp concerto Lyra angelica, while my friend got a metal CD.

We went to lunch at [new] King China Buffet in Denton. I had sushi and chicken with broccoli.I dropped my friend off at his home, and had a non-fat cinnamon roll flavored frozen yogurt at yogurtville (my friend having opted for a plate full of rice pudding and banana pudding at the lunch buffet). I then went to the grocery store. I bought potatoes, corn on the cob, loose carrots, bananas, crookneck squash and mandarin oranges. I came home, loaded all the non-citrus into the crock pot on slow.

I finished my Kjell Ericksson mystery novel, which was the second in a series. I can hardly wait to get the third. I decided to stay home, so that I can spend time with my dogs. I rented a movie on pay per view, and settled in for the evening. I may take a walk in the waning moments of light, but for now, it's good to relax.

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