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family theater organ

"When typhus or cholera breaks out, they tell us that Nobody is to blame. That terrible Nobody! How much he has to answer for. More mischief is done by Nobody than by all the world besides. Nobody adulterates our food. Nobody poisons us with bad drink. Nobody supplies us with foul water. Nobody spreads fever in blind alleys and unswept lanes. Nobody leaves towns undrained. Nobody fills gaols, penitentiaries, and convict stations. Nobody makes poachers, thieves, and drunkards. Nobody has a theory too—a dreadful theory. It is embodied in two words—Laissez faire—Let alone. When people are poisoned by plaster of Paris mixed with flour, “Let alone” is the remedy. When Cocculus indicus is used instead of hops, and men die prematurely, it is easy to say, “Nobody did it.” Let those who can, find out when they are cheated: Caveat emptor. When people live in foul dwellings, let them alone. Let wretchedness do its work; do not interfere with death"--Samuel Smiles

Today the weather proved absolutely wonderful. I worked a full and fascinating day, and then headed to the Garland Bar. A family court litigator who recently became a family court judge gave the presentation. I've tried but one divorce in 26 years of practice. I theorize that is about 1 too many. The presentation was quite good. I like to learn about things outside my ken.

I had a nice talk with my sister today, after I dialed her number by mistake. I am working on two mystery novels. I have no on-line postal chess games going anymore. Opponents stopped challenging me. I like it when Big Lots and Radio Shack send me junk e mail to let me see their sale catalogs on line, a day early. I read about a theater organ performance of Peter and the Wolf.

The endless coverage about Bin Laden's death fills the airwaves. I have nothing original to add to the dialogues about it.

The world is turning upside down. The Mavericks seem to be beating the Lakers. I want to see a white pelican, or a brown derby

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