Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

another day older

I spent part of this evening reading about Tenneessee Ernie Ford. I saw him play live when I was a child, at the Arkansas State Fair, in roughly the late 1960s. I remember him using the phrase "pea pickin'", and I remember him playing "Sixteen Tons", but I don't remember much else at all about the show, other than that he was wearing overalls.

I don't own any overalls now, and I own few pairs of jeans. Perhaps I should get some new overalls, from a feed store. I gained three levels on "Angry Birds". We ate minute steaks and watched "The Good Wife". It's great that Julianna Margulies will have not one but two television roles that fit her like a glove.

I like broccoli, electronica, and Swedish murder mysteries.
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