Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Friday we saw waves crashing on a beach, penguins swimming at an aquarium, a blow-out preventer on an offshare drilling platform, fresh grilled flounder, dolphins swimming in Galveston Bay, pelicans diving, laughing gulls laughing, cargo ships cargo-ing, and oatmeal sitting in a bowl. I liked that when the belly dancer danced in the restaurant, many of the women got up and danced with her.

I worked at 4.17 a.m. on Friday. I realized my wife would love to see the royal wedding, so I woke her and we watched it. It was interesting, and I loved hearing a Charles Wesley hymn. Just after the wedding, but before the carriage ride, the fire alarm in the hotel went off, which is too bad, except that it was obvious most of the middle aged folks who had to pad down the four stories of this historic hotel were already awake, watching the wedding.
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