Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sunny nook

Last night a huge thunderstorm caused the dogs consternation. I liked that I could reassure them, and restore the situation from general alarum to watchful waiting. At lunch today, the weather was quite rainy, but this evening it turned positively cheerful.

Weight Watchers did not have a meeting on Sunday in light of the holiday. I went to a meeting tonight, finding that I made moderate progress this time. It was interesting hearing the Monday group interact, trading ideas for how to eat sensibly and yet in a way that's not boring.

I was glad to see the Nook now comes with android apps and flash support. This may tip me toward buying an e-Reader and using it like a tablet computer.

I'm intrigued by the phrase "I have no budget for....". I'm edging up on test drives in the coming months. I'm reading the story "Jumper". I have small plans but big ideas.
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