Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flowers, snakes, geese and butterflies

I started my day with a short early morning walk on Trinity Trail. I saw tiger swallowtail and dark morph tiger swallowtail butterflies, and lovely honeysuckle and wildflowers.
Then I picked up my young friend. We stopped at Starbucks, where I had a small oatmeal and he had an apple bran muffin. Then we headed over to the Heard Natural Science Center and walked the Wood Duck Trail. We saw cardinals, great egrets, great blue herons, mallards and Canada geese.

We saw a speckled kingsnake on the path in front of us. When he saw us, he gently reversed gear and headed slowly back into the grasses, all without moving his head. We saw wild verbena, showy evening primose and light stands of Indian paintbrush. We next went to Good Records in Dallas, where through use of diligent browsing and the browser on my Android phone we located an album by a local metal band whose sub-genre of metal matches my friend's interest set. The record shop attendant was nice--when he asked if he could help, I asked if he could provide some ideas for new metal music. He said "I'm not the metal guy. I'm the indie electro guy". I told him that I had indie electro covered, but I appreciated it. I did not find anything I wished to buy, though the Penguin Cafe Orchestra CDs were tempting. He did play us some interesting work by a local band called True Widow who play something called "Stonegaze", but it was not gazing slowly enough for me or loudly and quickly enough for my friend.

We dined at Red, Hot and Blue in north Dallas, the Memphis style barbecue chain restaurant. I ate a very healthy turkey sandwich with a dry green salad. Then we went to uptown to an arts festival, which proved quite small and without much to hold our interest, save a fellow who made crosses out of crossed nails.

The weather was warm and muggy. It looked like rain much of the day, but it did not rain.


Yellow wildflower, Trinity Trail:

flower moment

blooming honeysuckle, Trinity Trail:


tiger swallowtail butterfly, Trinity Trail:

Tiger swallowtail at rest

speckled kingsnake;

King Snake

wetlands Canada Goose, Heard Natural Science Center:

Canada goose

daisy, Heard Natural Science Center:


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