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the sound of the mower, the sound of the monotony

Although it is not yet 9 a.m. here, some of my neighbors are mowing their yards. I've been up since 5, as is usual for me, so I don't mind the noise. I've gotten a little work done already today. I'm trying to decide if I can do the rest from home, or if I need to go into my office. I'll probably make a brief stop at the office.

Yesterday I listened to an ambient CD which akhliber mailed to me. He apparently did it on a home studio, just playing around. It's a lot of fun, quiet, unpretentious stuff. He also sent on a "wedding CD" of songs he and his new bride jennamonster like. I'm pleased to receive both.

Yesterday's walk left me a bit sore, which tells me I need to get more exercise. I took our dogs for a brief walk last night; they flagged out pretty quickly, which tells me they need more exercise, too.

I've been spending a part of my morning reading the Reformation volume of the Durants' history of civilization. I dislike that nearly all the protestant reformationists and the Catholic conservative and restorationists were intolerant of other faiths and ideas. One really comes to appreciate how far we have come, when one reflects how little freedom of faith and expression people had in those days. Of course, last night, I saw one of the religious right cable networks doing a piece assailing all moslems as dangerous based on passages of the Koran, so I suppose that freedom of speech and tolerance aren't the same thing.
Although we have to accord those folks their speech rights, too, I'm glad I can change the channel.

A cable channel is showing a marathon "original series" Star Trek today. I watched part of two of them. I like the way that the special effects are so primitive, and how the "inner workings" of the ship look like a Radio Shack heathkit 'build a shortwave crystal radio' project.

The day seems as though it is going to get really hot. I'm ready for autumn weather to appear. Where is my annual Labor Day thunderstorm? We've had such a good summer, weather-wise--now let's have some early Autumn.

My wife returns from her trip to Virginia today. I'm glad.
I hope she and I can take a weekend and go someplace fun as soon as cooler weather returns.

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