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We went to church this Palm Sunday morning at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano. We somehow failed to gather our individualized palm fronds as we entered the sanctuary, so we spent the first hymn frond-less and fancy-free. Childrens' choirs sang "Little Gray Donkey" by Natalie Sleeth, a tune known to me because some 40something years ago we sang it when I was in junior choir in Gurdon, Arkansas. The sermon was about humility, which is always a good thing for me to acquire.

Tonight that same church was sponsoring a rendition of Mozart's "Requiem". This interested me, but I decided to take my dog Beatrice for a walk around Glendover Pond. The weather was warm and windy. I will buy a Mozart Requiem mp3 from emusic, perhaps.

I got a call from my friend Gene tonight. He lives in KC now. It's always good to chat with an old friend. I seem to be in a yo-yo pattern with my weight loss. I accept this is part of the process. If I can continue to trend downward, I will be all right.

I noticed that I had been un-friended by a very long-standing reader on Livejournal. I learned this in the midst of making a comment to a 'friends comments only' post in that user's journal, only to learn I am no longer on the requisite list. I wondered how long this had been the case, as I no longer assiduously watch who has come and who has gone from the 'friends of' list. Six years ago I'd have wondered at this particular change. Today, though it caught me unawares a bit and even caused a bit of disappointment, I was not shocked. I have learned these things happen. It made a few things make sense, actually, which is, I believe, a useful thing. I do like the twitter thing in which following and un-following is all of relatively little moment, but Livejournal used to be a bit different. But in life one is on some lists, and off other lists, and one learns to enjoy the people who enjoy listing one.

The kind folks at Petsmart counseled us on food for our dogs, who need to be shifted off of a weight loss formula. We watched and enjoyed "upstairs, downstairs" tonight--episode two of the new version. We ate a small portion of salmon, with squash and garbanzo beans.

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