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A heavy April thunderstorm provided great audio last night. I rose very early in the morning so that I could make it to the airport for my 7:45 a.m. Austin flight. I parked in the Terminal D garage, in the "blanketflower" level. My business matters went well in Austin today. I arrived at my house before 7 p.m. I'm mid-way through the final volume of the Julie Czerneda sci-fi trilogy I'm on.

When I arrived home this evening, I had two interesting pieces of mail. One was the official DVD for "Magnum Farce", for which I created soundtrack music. Although in an earlier internet version, I was the entire soundtrack, now I'm one of three artists on the DVD. The film is an animated parody of the hard-boiled cop genre. It was fun to see the cover listing of all the varied film festivals in which the film has appeared. It's a bit like traveling via atlas.

The second cool package was a set of 2 x 3 photo booklets from I love creating little books this way--first a few "larger" books and now mini-books. I'd like to find a less expensive provider, even though the pricing was quite reasonable.

We dined on Weight Watchers lasagna and steamed asparagus tonight. I watched the latest episode of Law and Order: LA, which was quite intense and good. I'm thinking about isolated hiking in lovely places.

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