Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

drum fish on parade

showy evening primrose 2

After work but before the Garland Bar Association meeting, I went for a walk in Garland's Spring Creek Forest Preserve. The bikers were out in force, so I stayed with the more "hike" parts of the hike/bike paths. I saw a cute chickadee fly from tree to tree. I saw little stands of showy evening primrose, one of my favorite native Spring flowers. I passed a man and a woman who had been fishing in Spring Creek. They had a huge stringer of drum fish. They looked sheepish, as if they expected me to be about to impose a Game and Fish fine. But I have no idea of the rules applicable to drum fish, nor any authority to do anything about them. I took pictures of primrose. I saw ducks fly overhead.

I had a charming talk with a man from the Copyright Office by phone. I like federal workers, and want them not to have to endure the threatened government shut-down. I bought a detective novel by a woman from southern Norway. The wind blew today, but the temperatures were warm. I heard a fascinating talk about medical malpractice statutes. I managed to eat a reasonably healthy dinner. I like the idea of "lift up His Countenance" and the idea of all those billion of non-reproducing ants, doing anything possible to help non-linear relatives survive and multiply.

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