Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on living today as if it were today

We're an instant from the onset of the holidays. Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Samhain, Yule, Days of the Dead, Christmas, Solstice, Diwala, Chanukah, Harvest. We're celebrating Labor Day now. Sadly, I see some media, churches and stores even thinking about 9/11 memorials. I am a big believer in holidays and memorials. But it is just me, or is there anyone else who wishes we could all live as if today were just today? I'd love to be thankful every day. I'd love to have a generous spirit without the need for glitter or lights. I want to experience and share my memories and memorials as an inner ritual, without the need for outer show. I want to give gifts without boundaries, ask blessings without candlelight vigils. I want to pause each day to remember those less fortunate than I am. I want to feel four seasons every day. I will make my cathedral internal, and go there even when the candles are not lit.

I toured the Swiss government buildings once. The tour guide said "We have no gold or silver in our country, so we made our building from granite, onyx and wood. We have those in abundance". I love ritual and pageantry and nostalgia and tradition. But today I wish to live my life as if each day were every holiday, and no generous feeling, quiet moment or human kindness need be saved for a special time to share.

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