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Sunday I had a quick trip to Los Angeles--the kind that is so quick that I had a meeting Sunday evening,a meeting Monday morning, a handful of telephonic things I had to do on the way to the airport, and a flight back Monday night. I did not have time to see friends, relatives or the Huntington botanical garden. I finished the second of the Julie Czernada science fiction trilogy I'm working on. I like the books pretty well, but they all feature a narrative device of having a character's thoughts set forth in italics, each pithy and supposedly amusing. In more than small doses, this device is maddening, like eating enchiladas festooned with cheddar cheese.Still, I am eager to see it all come out in episode 3.

Today the weather was cool (50 degrees) and mildly rainy. I enjoyed seeing flowers in bloom everywhere. We do not have mountains, we do not have an ocean, and though we have a lovely hardwood forest, it's not a place I visit every day. But we have wildflowers. This is not a prime wildflower year, but it's still a good year.

daisies, rowlett, texas


Tonight I went to Weight Watchers, since I had to miss on Sunday. My first 10 days were a big success. I keep wondering why I stopped going in the first place. It was, in hindsight, a mistake.

People write me lately to tell me they have used my songs in films. Among the latest:

a. a video for Lutheran pastors, Missouri Synod.
b. a video by a nice woman named Montse from Spain, whose videos are about shape and form. They remind me of my friend Sam Rensiew's work, and remind me I must go see Sam's latest voodles soon; and
c. a video by my friend Greg, who did a video on his construction of an orrery made out of wood.

We ate a Mexican bake tonight. We watched the two NCIS and the Good Wife on television.

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