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I like to sit in a little fold-out chair on a wooden fishing dock looking out at White Rock Lake. In the distant I see white sails. Nearby, coots swim and dive. One pier over, two black labradors run to the end of the dock, and then jump into the water to swim after things thrown into the water. I love the sound of red-wing blackbirds, with their metallic trill. Today I even saw the green body of a monk parakeet fly by--this colorful invader looked right at home. But we did not catch any fish. We did hike 1.8 miles from the parking lot by the spillway, past the water pumping stations in their red historical clarity, over to the fishing dock by the crew docks.

The restaurant Kaze on upper Greenville in Dallas served fine sushi. Koi swam in a small pond outside. A silent television showed images of an infomercial in which Alyssa Milano sold a haircare product. This weekend I've been watching old television shows on One episode of Hill Street Blues featured Dennis Frantz, ending the story arc for the first of the two major characters he played on that series. An episode from the first season of Babylon 5 introduced Bill Mumy to the show, and also proved that an alien species called the Centauri, like Alyssa Milano, had interesting views on hair care. I'm now watching an episode of St. Elsewhere, but it is too early for me to report its views on haircare. I can report that the early 1980s hairstyles are a bit feathered.

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