Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

blizzard avoided

Our little backyard has a crepe myrtle tree on one corner. The tree has buds, but no leaves yet. Each morning lately, when I head to my car to go to work, I see a little mockingbird. He's 'full-grown', but only 'half-size'. He knows how to sing. I hear him outside now.

Mockingbirds do have the ability to sound like other birds--or like cats, or all sorts of things. Mostly, though, they sing their own songs. These songs are melodic, varied and wandering. I like to stop to listen to this little guy every morning. I think he's one of a nesting pair in the live oak tree in the other corner of our back yard.

Yesterday at work I avoided the Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake [Heath bar edition] being served for someone's birthday, helping me instill a sense of temporary dietary virtue in myself. I began to work in earnest on a 'secret mixter' remix for ccmixter, in which one is assigned another artist to remix, and then uploads
the 'secret remix' one has done at a defined day. Sunday is the big upload day. I am well along, but have some hours yet to spend to finish the job.

I'm on book two of the sci fi trilogy I'm reading, with a Swedish police procedural in the queue for following its completion. After holding two draws with the Old Indian defense, I am down to a single chess game at

Yesterday I noticed bumper stickers. Many drivers tell little bios through their choice of bumper stickers.
Perhaps this is an alternative form of social media I should explore.

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