Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

returning to the fold, unbowed but heavier

Today we went to church at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano. The service included a duo for oboe and flute as the offertory music. The sermon was about resisting temptations in the wilderness. After the service, we went to Pho Que Huong. I had a beef, shrimp and vermicelli dish (a bun) while my wife had chicken pho (pho ga).

Some years ago, I went to Weight Watchers and achieved a massive weight loss. I had continued to go even after the weight loss, to maintain a good weight. Over time, I finally stopped going, as I disliked losing my Sunday afternoons to the weekly meetings. Subsequently, my weight gradually inched up. I did not gain back all the weight I lost, but I gained back a material portion of the weight I lost. I set myself some target dates to reverse this trend, and promised myself that I would go to Weight Watchers once more if I did not meet those targets.

All my target dates expired, and all my reasons not to go back to Weight Watchers evaporated. Today I drove down to Plano to return to Weight Watchers in the Prairie Village shopping center. I was pleased that Juanita and Gwen still worked there. They were very friendly, and refrained from making any remarks that might have made a somewhat humiliating experience truly humiliating. I weighed in, weighing myself for the first time in months. My weight was almost exactly what I predicted it would be this morning, when I made such a prediction prior to going.

The leader of the session, Heather, did a great job in moderating the half hour meeting. The other folks in attendance were mostly women, with a few men in attendance. I often think that the best sessions of weight watchers come in the era from March through November. During the post-holiday era,attendance is up, but many people come out of a kind of seasonal sense of remorse . These post-holiday meetings sometimes feature attendees who express the earnestness of their intention to reform with the enthusiasm of reality show stars. After eight weeks or so of expressing the self-fulfilling nature of their mission, and the way they are completely new people overnight, this constituency ceases attending. Meanwhile, those more interested in counting the fabled Weight Watchers points and learning foods that are edible but points-light tend to soldier on, focused on the task, with a less Jonathan Livingston Seagull-y narrative.

The points system I learned has been replaced by “points plus”, which should be easier for me to use in many ways, but which lacks the easy ways to approximate points in my head merely by reading the calorie, fat and fiber content on the label of this product or that.

I will perhaps descend into the kind of histrionics I dislike when I say that I theorized when I first lost all the weight that Weight Watchers would need to be a kind of 12-step-similar group for me, that I would probably have to attend for life. Having proven this theory accurate, I now must see if I can lose the weight required to get back to a healthy weight. A recent dental trip at which my blood pressure level was too high let me know it is time to make sure I am regular about my eating and my medication.

I will post progress in my livejournal in the “now listening” section, as this form of self-revelation seemed to assist with weight loss last time.

After Weight Watchers, I went to the Chisholm Trail, a sidewalk walk along a creek in Plano.
I saw each of the following:

Two Doves

Two Doves
A young squirrel:


a mallard duck

mallard duck

a red-bellied woodpecker

red-bellied woodpecker

A blooming tree, which I believe is a redbud

Redbud Tree

I am eager to seek to eat in a more healthy way, and to lose what I gained in substantial part.

I spent the late afternoon reading about places to stay on nearby Possum Kingdom Lake and part of the morning reading about the ancient bristlecone pines and faraway Lake Isabella.

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