Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

needful trivia

People often deride meaningless statistics, but I rather like them. Take the internet. Websites keep up with all kinds of participatory things.

As of March 17, 2011, I've completed 41 chess games on The site keeps up with my statistics on my results. When I played with the white pieces, I won 11 games, drew 1 game and lost 4 games. When I played with the black pieces, I won 9 games, drew 7 games, and lost 9 games. Had I been guessing to predict my ratios, I would have guessed that I would have had far more draws with the white pieces. I need to improve my winning percentage with the black pieces. This website even gives me a useless but defining chess rating: 1823.

The music website keeps tracks of 'scrobbles', i.e., plays of music by users of the service who utilize the song-play tracking software the site developed. This site reports the following usage stats: I have 833 listeners, who collectively have played 3,868 plays. I hope later this year to crack the irrelevant but interesting 1,000 listener mark.

The video site Vimeo allows me to run the term "Gurdonark" through the search engine and find videos which use my music. When I run the search term "Gurdonark" there, it turns up 81 videos, of which 4 are my own. When I run the same term at Youtube, the search engine finds 479 videos, although that number must be discounted by 48 (to 431) because 48 videos are my own. has several dozen videos using my songs, but is more inefficient in its counting functions.

Livejournal advises me that I've posted 3,588 Journal Entries, made 35,251 comments and received 27,604 comments.

Flickr tells me this is my most viewed photo:

The Creative Commons Walks a Colorful Trail

with 1,119 views and 8 favorites.

Speaking of statistics, it's well past 8 a.m., and on to other pursuits.

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