Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

among the daffodils

Saturday we went to Arkansas to the daffodil festival. The weather was very pleasant, with morning cloud cover burning off by 11 a.m. Though the Winter was long and cold, a good number of daffodils bloomed. We began our morning going to the Kiwanis pancake breakfast, with my father, his wife, her daughter, my brother, my sister, her husband and my 14 year old niece. The pancake breakfast was in the new Fairview high school, which I had not visited before. I attended Camden high school, which was absorbed into Fairview after I graduated.

After pancakes, we set out to the festival.

We walked by the booths in downtown Camden. Here is the
glass artist:

glass artist at work

Here is a booth at which they sold turkey calls. The calls were very much what I imagine a turkey would sound like if that turkey called.

turkey calls for sale

Here are the Civil War re-enactors, dressed as Confederates (rebels),
preparing to shoot a cannon near the Ouachita River:

Civil War Re-enactors

Here are a pair of raptors who were in a nearby tree:


Here are daffodils from Grace Hill, a lovely large house on the Old Wire


Daffodils, Grace Hill

a single daffodil bloom

The local Catholic church served lunch as a fund-raiser--a fine meal of beef brisket and
bread pudding.

In the mid-afternoon, I took a nap, and read my science fiction book. My mother's sister, my aunt Rose, came over, from Tulsa.
She grew up in Camden. It was good to see her.

Saturday night we dined on spaghetti and angel food cake. We were delighted to get to visit with my family.

My wife and I drove home this morning, arriving at Pappy's Pet Lodge for our dogs
just before its noon closure.

We took an afternoon power walk in our neighborhood. Here is the lovely mockingbird we saw:

mockingbird in a tree

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