Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

car swan

My car is a bit on the wane. It has 152,000 miles on it, which used to be a quite respectable figure but now seems merely ordinary. Yet it has hit that point in which something is always a little wrong. Right now it suffers from an intermittent rough run that may be transmission or even just alignment. I'll take it to the shop, but I see its song going all swan.

I will soon begin shopping for a new car. All those pictures of Detroit and Toledo in decline make me want to buy from an American car company, though all cars now have some American content and some foreign content, so that brand is no longer an easy litmus test. I also want good gas mileage. We'll see, though. I am flexible.

I am never a big car fanatic. My favorite cars have been anything but high performance vehicles. But I will get a very nice after-market stereo this time. I notice that a good sound matters more to me than a lot of other car things. Also, I'd rather get a 1,000 dollar luxury that I'd really enjoy than a car that costs 10,000 dollars more.

I like it when many things I wish to change about myself involve common sense and moderation.

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