Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

return to sender

The flight Monday morning from Tucson to Dallas Love Field, via Albuquerque, was uneventful and pleasant. I liked seeing a red sunrise over the desert from the air. Monday afternoon I went into the office and worked. Monday evening my wife had a club meeting, so I went to Que Pho Huang for dinner. Then I stopped by Blockbuster video to pay some 6 dollars and 40 cents in late charges. Blockbuster is in its waning days, so I suppose I should feel nostalgic about late charges. I watched part of Hawaii Five-O on television, but the dogs and I fell asleep before the crime was solved.

Today's news features stories on the arrest of two twenty-something men who are accused of killing a twenty-something pastor. The evidence against them includes some sensational stuff about their heckling a news story about the killing of the pastor. I thought for a moment about the nature of evil, if evil is the right word, and of the nature of error.

I received a sticker book of Moo stickers in the mail today. Each sticker is a photogaph I took. I made a postcard with some, and mailed it off.

I must have a vigorous work day today.

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