Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

morning people see the dawn

One huge advantage of being a morning person is the thrill of getting things done first thing in the morning.

I finished Kjell Erickson's "The Pricess of Burundi", a very good Swedish police procedural mystery. I like mysteries for the same reason I like small movies about not much at all--they seem to me to feature characters to whom I can relate. One can overlook even corpses in the question for a good story with characters.

For some reason, folks are using my song "sawmill" in vimeo videos. I wonder how so many folks notice this song in particular.

Last night I watched an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation, and remembered what fun this series could be.
I feel about this show as I feel about "hill street blues", the "twilight zone" or "the andy griffith show"--almost every episode is a a pleasure to see.

Last night I had a pulled pork sandwich with a baked potato. Today I hope for oatmeal.
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