Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lesser scaup

At the end of the day Saturday, I realized that the Magnolia movie theater featured its annual showing of the animated shorts nominated for the Academy Awards. We headed down to Dallas to see them. The traffic on the central expressway and in the parking garage caused us to arrive late for the first one, a Madagascar travel journal. We saw the others in full.

I always enjoy these animated shorts, and wish that our local movie houses had more animated short days. This year's crop of nominees were all fine films, though of the three years we have attended the nominated animated shorts day, this was my least favorite. Still, a humorous animated film about a clever mouse, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, had its charms, and the eventual winner, an imaginative Australian film, was fascinating. The little shopping area where the cinema is located, in "uptown" Dallas, was filled with 20somethings in hip attire, rather like a fashion designer's dream.

We hoped to grab a sandwich at Cindy's, a deli just off the central expressway, but we arrived at 9 p.m., just at closing time. We ate at Fishmonger's in Plano instead, which served us fine salmon.

On Sunday, we decided to attend church at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano rather than our accustomed First United Methodist in Allen. We liked the service. The choir, some 100 plus strong, sang a very appealing arrangement of "Peace Like a River". We also liked the offertory music, a chamber recital of Elgar's 'Nimrod' piece in the "Enigma Variations". The church program rushed to explain about the Old Testament figure Nimrod, but did not explain that Nimrod in the piece is a reference to Elgar's friend. The sermon was about original sin. The sanctuary was lovely, with traditional pews, a pipe organ and stained glass.

In the afternoon, I worked on trying to make a photobook. I chose the photos meticulously, but I did not yet complete an edited book. I love the way that a few dozen mouse clicks can assemble such a thing, even if I must do a few dozen more mouse clicks to finish one. I also took a walk around Glendover Pond. Then, just after I returned from my walk, my wife returned from the store. We took yet another walk, at a good, brisk pace. This was good, if a bit tiring.

On Glendover Pond a scaup swam among the mallards:

Scaup amid mallards second bird from the top

I believe this is a lesser scaup, but I do not really know greater from lesser.

I managed to get a little work done on Sunday afternoon. I also managed to watch some of the Oscars. I fell asleep before they were done, though I did wake up to hear the ultimate best picture winner--a choice of which I approve.

My song "Library", an instrumental, is on a new compilation called "Classwar Karaoke 13". I posted a post about it on my music weblog: Gurdonark music.

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