Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cedar hill day

My young friend and I set out at 7 a.m. We stopped by Daylight Donuts, because no Saturday trek should transpire sans a cinnamon roll. Then we drove to Cedar Hill State Park, in Cedar Hill, southwest of Dallas. When we arrived, we found very nice hiking trails through woods in a place of large hills. It was unlike our usual terrain here, and very lovely indeed.

As we emerged from our hike, we saw two eastern bluebirds, one after another, perched on a bare tree. Then we went and walked by Joe Pool Lake, where we saw a couple of mallards swimming. We walked at the Penn Farm. The Penn family farmed part of this land for 100 years. The houses, barns and farm machinery were really great to see. A field of clover was in a purple bloom. Then we went to the marina store, and got soft drinks. The state park was amazing--with very few visitors. In August it will swelter--and be more popular.

We drove to Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie, where I got a CD of folk songs by Julie Felix. I did not know her work before I bought it, but she covered a lot of classic songs. We went to a Philly-style burger place, and then closed with smoothies at Cassis (I got blueberry). We got in a few more moments walking at Highland Park in Lucas. We felt badly when a young horse, surprised by us coming up the trail, reared and threw his rider, but horse and rider were fine, and all were
comforted by the thought that it was not anyone's fault, really. It was a good time, on a lovely, cloudy but warm day.

eastern bluebird 2

Two mallards

penn farm barn, 2

windmill,penn farm, cedar hill state park

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