Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

all those entries about nothing

Yesterday marked the 9th year I've maintained this weblog. In some ways the weblog tells the story of our return to Texas in 2000. In another way, it's like one of those things the Puritans kept, to help them figure out their salvation. In another way, it's like a laundry list of day to day events. In yet another way, it's a writing platform. All told, it is what I wish it to be, any given day.

The imminent rise in the price of gas reminds me of great drives I took in the southern California mountains north of Los Angeles. I love the "elfin forest" and the inland valleys that are almost desert--but not quite. I had my Geo Metro then--3 cylinders, no pick-up, little space, anything but glamorous. Yet I loved that car. I'd love to rent a KIA Rio some weekend and drive to all the obscure Angeles National Forest places I love. Familiarity does not always breed contempt.

I hope tomorrow will be a day of fishing, hiking, wildlife, record stores and perhaps even frozen yogurt. I like the people I've met through my weblog every bit as much as a cup of pumpkin frozen yogurt, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. The closest thing to a resolution I made this year was to try to post here more nearly daily, just as in the old days. This I find a satisfying thing to do.

My weakness today was Girl Scout thin mint cookies. My strength was efficiency in the face of paperwork. I am going to research vacation locales, as I need a break this Spring or Summer.

If I were to study an academic subject, I'd choose Peace Studies.
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