Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

taking "control"

I reviewed old journal entries in my weblog this evening. I created my first song using a sequencer
roughly 6 years ago today. 6 years and 8 days ago, my mother passed away. 6 years and 4 days ago,
a beloved dog passed away. 6 years and 2 days ago, I had a poem accepted for publication. 5 days shy of 6 years ago, another poem was accepted for publication. Around 5 years ago, give a few days, I was in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, after a pleasant hearing. I was also writing about our new dog, Beatrice. 3 years ago I did not accomplish or suffer a thing. I did daydream about a documentary about house sparrows. Two years ago I marked 1 year of participation in Big Brothers/Big Sisters with a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and to the Dallas Museum of Art.

I'm reading and very much enjoying Kjell Eriksson's police procedural "The Princess of Burundi" (in translation, as I do not speak Swedish or any other useful language). I really like Spoek Mothambo's video for his cover of Joy Division's "She's Lost Control" [called simply "Control"], done in a house style with indelible township cult imagery. I was unimpressed to read commenters to the video wonder what Ian Curtis would have thought. I would say something like nobody would be quicker than Ian Curtis to dismiss this kind of thinking, but then I think I would be thinking that kind of thinking myself. I like the cable TV show "Fairly Legal", about a mediator (albeit one whose mediation loyalties and technique differ from that of mediators I know).

I had a minor filling done at the dentist today, which is a comfort rather than a plague, as it is good to have unfilled teeth capable of being filled, I suppose. My blood pressure came in high, which will send me scurrying to get my lapsed blood pressure pill prescription refilled and then to set up an appointment with my doctor for a check-up. Yesterday I had the oil changed on my car, after driving a few miles between changes. I've realized that all my self-imposed "by this time" deadlines have lapsed, and it's thus time to head back to Weight Watchers. I suppose I'm in self-care mode.

I was disappointed to find that Taco Cabana discontinued its healthy roasted chicken entree'. I wish Texas had El Pollo Loco [great flame-grilled Mexican chicken] and Zankhou [great Armenian chicken] here. Tonight we had breakfast for dinner, which was very good.

The news from Libya is more frightening. I wish that country could find its way to peace and democracy.
Also, the news of the horrible earthquake in Christchurch in New Zealand makes me feel badly for folks unknown to me and very far away, yet in my thoughts.

I've got to plan a few days off beyond the days already planned, as I feel the need for a bit of reduced stress.

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