Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

practical saturday

I started my morning with Ted at the vet's office. She was in for rabies and bordatella shots. We waited patiently for the vet, who checked Teddy over and then injected her with the needed preventatives. A capable and kind vet tech kept me from inadvertently leaving without my debit card.

When I got home, I took Ted and Bea for a walk around Glendover Pond. Ted moves bit slowly these days, but she loves the walk. I snapped a photograph of a grackle in a tree. Each dog slipped out of its collar at least once, but this proved to be no real ordeal.

I went to the Wilson Creek Nature Trail in McKinney. I heard lots of birds on a warm, partly cloudy morning, but identified positively these during my 45 minute walk:

4 downy woodpeckers
3 Carolina chickadees
2 northern cardinals
1 eastern bluebird

I came back home and submitted them on-line to Cornell's Great Backyard Bird Count. That was fun. I'll try to count more birds tomorrow, its final day. It's an easy google search to find out how if anyone else wishes to join in tomorrow.

I stopped by Half-price books and got 2 Swedish mysteries, 2 Nero Wolfe mysteries in a single volume, a sci fi by Iain Banks, a CD of Yo Yo Ma playing Beethoven cello sonatas, and a Lisa Loeb album.

At 2 p.m., I drove my car to Safelite auto glass in Plano,after the folks there kindly advanced my appointment from 3:30. My windshield had a huge crack, and required replacement. This process went swimmingly well. I walked to a nearby Chinese wok place for chicken and broccoli while I waited.

I spent the late afternoon in our backyard, bringing it back into a better place than the understandable natural nature of dogs sometimes creates. I listened to ambient music on my droid phone through the radiotime application, which lets me access

Tonight we hope to get a nice meal and perhaps see a movie.

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