Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The return of the warming trend

Good Things:

1. The kind woman at the doughnut shop in Fort Worth who gave my young friend and I an extra bearclaw
out of the blue.

2. The way the art piece "ladder for booker t. washington" at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art always delights. It's a ladder that ascends upward, across two stories.

3. The saltwater aquarium at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, which always looks colorful and warm.

4. The tropical plan conservatory at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, which always looks like a 1950s movie
about giant house plants that take over the world.

5. The restful delight of the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden.

6. The 250,000 CDs, LPs, and cassettes, all properly organized, at Forever Young record store in Grand Prairie.

7. Being advised by the fellow behind the counter that the 60s style blues-inflected soul playing on the record store sound system had been created by the friendly middle-aged man just to my right.

8. Trader's Village, a huge flea market with fresh fruit, used goods, new goods, and tons of curious delights.

9. The Schwinn bicycle at the used bicycle stand in the flea market which said "Made in Hungary" on it

10. The curious little park just off of Tollway 161, glimpsed from the road, which shall be the subject of a future expedition.

11. The taste of a roast beef sandwich on wheat bread, lettuce and cheese only, at Firehouse Subs.

12. A blueberry smoothie at Cassis.

13. After two weeks of record-type Winter, a day that topped sixty degrees.

14. Watching older men fly huge radio-controlled planes at the RC flying park near Lake Lavon.

15. providing our dogs with the joy of a walk around Glendover Pond.

16. Seeing not only a mockingbird [as is customary] but also a ruby-crowned kinglet, soaking up the warmth.

17. A big bowl seafood noodle soup at Thai Pan.

18. A lovely recording by singer Abigail Washburn, who, by coincidence, my wife and I each discovered independently in a span of a couple of weeks.

19. Watching a wonderful short video about Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis.

Saturday February 12

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