Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in the bleak midwinter

Yesterday the promise of a 3 to 5 inch snowstorm turned into a bit of sleet and perhaps half an inch of snow. I was glad when the sun came out at noon and the roads were passable. Today we still have snow on the ground here in Allen, but I believe it is to melt in the next day or so. This marks two years in a row in which snow lasts for more than a day. This is a bit unusual during my time in Texas. It usually arrives one day, and melts away the next.

Last night the temperature dipped to 12 degrees, which may be a record. We've been warm and cozy indoors. This morning I awoke early. I watched a short nature video on in which manta rays were fitted with tracking devices. I also read about the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, which sound fascinating.

My hands are a bit dry from the cold. I must apply some lotion, I suppose. My windshield will need replacement, as a little ding turned into a mobile crack. I located a place to do the work near my office, and will see about that today or tomorrow.

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