Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ice and splinters

The weather folks get to use lots of superlatives lately. This morning proved to be a time when the "approaching winter storm" proved less troubling than the prognostications. The early morning featured a modest sleet storm, after which snow flurries put a white patina on the face of the universe, like so many clowns trying to be crop circles sending signals to Saturn. I drove to work, got a lot of work done, and drove home. I even drove for chicken and brocolli at lunch from the kind of little Chinese restaurant that looks like a retired burger place and at which you have to ask for steamed rice or they give you fried rice. I love chicken with broccoli, though I prefer oyster sauce or some other white sauce whose name escapes me to soy sauce.

I'm listening as I type to an album I just bought and downloaded by Denton, Texas band Seryn who sound like a country western band crossed with Penguin Cafe Orchestra crossed with an acoustic Saxon Shore crossed with Denmark's band Sundet (albeit without the horns). It's a good listen thus far.

The small crack on my windshield expanded in the winter weather, giving me a need for reparation, restoration and refurbishication. Yet I'm puzzling about how the tangerine is my best argument for the existence of God and wondering why old-technology binoculars fascinate me so. After all, tangerines do taste like Heaven and yet binoculars are one of those things that not only do they make them like they used to--they are actually much better now. Life is full of those ironies, though I am not sure they can be ironies if life is predictably full of them. I spent much of my childhood living in a world in which ulcers were caused by stress and resolved through a stoic equanimity, but then I teleported into an alternat universe in which ulcers are caused by microscopic unwell-wishers, and are solved with anti-biotics. At least I have the comfort that if
anyone does anything non-cookie-cutter then they start a weblog and then get a book deal and then become famous, for a moment.

Tonight the news features the resignation of a politician living in Washington, D.C., who apparently thought a great way to pick up girls was through Craigslist. His wife apparently disagrees, and who could blame her?
All those people on twitter who try to pass themselves off as Search Engine Optimization wizards about the internet should work instead on counseling celebrities and Congressional elected officials on how to avoid
resigning under a completely dark and yet refreshingly amber cloud.

Tonight the low is to be 10 degrees. Sunday the high is to be 69. I need a few days in the sun--perhaps in a desert or on an island. I am mapping out west Texas, lately--we'll see.

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