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Today the clouds looked like snow clouds to me. The weather assesses a fifty percent chance of snow tonight, with a similar situation on Wednesday. I started my morning watching the film "10 questions for the Dalai Lama".I enjoyed the DVD, though I did not feel as though I learned much new about the Dalai Lama. My wife and I watched "Secretariat" last last night--the scenes of Belmont reminded me of watching that race on television.

I went to Allen Station Park tonight. I did not see many birds or any other wildlife. The weather got colder and colder. I went to get a frozen yogurt instead. My favorite birthday cakes when I was a kid were German chocolate. My wife and I discussed going back to the Bahamas someday. I reviewed prior years of my livejournal for this week in history, and found that it is almost always cold or nearly cold--except the year we went to Grand Bahama.

I went to two high schools--Gurdon and Camden. A Facebook page mentioned having a 70s Gurdon High reunion. Now, though, it looks like factions are arising--some folks want it to be in Hot Springs, the resort town 35 miles away, while others want it to be in Gurdon. I am with neither and both factions. I'd be willing to attend in both places.

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