Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

puppet show

Lately I have a hankering to see a marionette show. Los Angeles had a great marionette theater, whose performances I never attended. I like the idea that movies should be shot on soundstages and plays should be played by marionettes.

Joe Tom

Tonight a County Commissioner spoke at the Garland Bar. He's great--though I do not share his politics, I appreciate his perspective on things. Yet I'm always struck by how much local politics is always absurd. There are always tiffs over nearly nothing, and machinations of machinery the size of a small lawnmower.
This may explain why homeowners' associations always seem like Punch and Judy. I often wish that folks all just shared an agenda to help one another. It would put me out of a job, but I'd probably make a good crossing guard.

The ice remains on the ground. The roads are much more passable, but much more difficult to drive because of heavier traffic. I did have an unpleasantness in a parking lot, when my wheels spun backing out. A fellow next to me had similar problems, so we helped push each other out. This saved me fifteen minutes, as my inch out and put mats under the wheels was slow going.

More snow is predicted for tonight. This might actually help the roads, in the way snow can help icy roads. However, it also means someone will forget the ice and drive too fast. Life is an endless circle of forgetfulness and hubris.

I'm grateful for a warm home and a car that works.

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