Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hovering over gentler territory

I won a nice game of on-line postal chess at Playing white, I achieved one of those Stonewall Attack favorable positions in which everything is completely blockaded, except for an unstoppable attack on the black king. I play at Scheming Mind under my real name, which is really a very nifty handle to use.

I heard from a netlabel that a compilation on which one of my songs will appear is about to be released. I went to the "album page" for the release, as part of a preview process. I found a minor typographic error in the mp3 track identification information, but the thing that interested me the most was giving the song a new listen.
It's a quiet, melodic song. I find more and more that my music hovers over gentler territory.

Work will be very busy this week, but I still hope to go to the local Audubon Society meeting tonight. The speaker's presentation will be "birds of the Panama Canal zone". I've been reading a booklet about the Texas state parks. I want to visit many of those parks. I'm amused by the south Texas ones that offer alligators. I like the one which is filled with little palmetto plants. This week, though, I will be content to get my work done.

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