Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a wilderness too far

Last night we ate home-made hamburgers and salad. I like that something as absurd sounding as a George Foreman grill works so well. We settled in to watch the very good series on Masterpiece Classic, but I found myself distracted. I tried to settle down with a book, but soon I fell asleep.

Lately I see a lot of kestrels in our neighborhood. They hang out on power lines along Exchange Boulevard, and hover downward to descend on small creatures. Their tail feathers move up and down like airplane wing flaps getting readied for flight.

I have been researching possible places for little 4 and 5 day weekend vacations this year. My wife expressed an interest in Glacier National Park, so I've been reading up on Whitefish, Montana, which sounds like a really fun place, especially in the Summer. I also researched Big Bend, our local Texas wilderness area. It's a place I've wanted to visit for years, but it is remote. It's 500+ miles from here if we drive, and even 160 miles from Midland, the closest airport. I like to drive, but I find vacations less relaxing if one must drive 3 hours to get to them. I like my wilderness to be untamed--and within an hour of an airport.

I like to run the word "Gurdonark" through google video, and then hit the "by upload date" sorting, to
figure out who has used my music in a video. In the most recent use, someone took my song "Exurb' and attached it to a 1 minute and 50 second timeline of the history of the universe. History in under two minutes should be a new trend.

Lately I've been working on a project in which my songs will be featured in a podcast. I have two of the four or five songs finished. I keep wanting to create new samples for my synthesizer. The little shareware synthesizer I use is limited in many ways, but its sampler is a lot of fun. The sampler lets one pick any little section of a 7 second .wav file and then use it as the basis to "sequence" a keyboard melody. I have a whole sample section in my computer called "woodwinds", comprised of various recorders, penny whistles, ocarinas, and exotic fipple flutes, as well as tried and true things like root beer bottles partially filled with water. The woodwinds make for lovely melodies, but the breathy nature of their creation gives my songs a kind of breathiness that is not always ideal. My EP "Seven Virtues" was entirely created with a single sample of a small wooden mallet tapping a piece of Orrefors crystal. That sample got lost in a computer crash, and my subsequent tappings of Orrefors have not been as satisfactory. This week I will make it a point to make new samples.

I'm reading Marc Ellis' book about the Catholic Worker movement and Lionel Dakers' autobiography.
I've been listening to one of the new songs by queenseye, whose new EP is a good listen.

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