Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

attentive staff and attentive kestrel

I rose early and got tickets on-line for tomorrow's Dallas Symphony Orchestra concert. The DSO website proved attractive but slow. I nonetheless managed to secure a ticket in the cheap seats for tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, as it involves an organ symphony by Danish composer Poul Ruders as well as "Thus Spake Zarathustra". Who could ask for more?

I played with the freeware sequencer Darkwave Studio, which is easy to use to write electronic music.
I had trouble, though, with the recording function, and must watch a tutorial on youtube or something to see what simple trick I am missing.

I received in the mail after an eBay purchase this hand-made wooden kazoo:

My new wooden kazoo

I posted a sample of me playing "Red River Valley" on twitter. The performance was very amateur, and the recording not of the first water, but the tone of the kazoo was very nice. I have never owned an "artisan kazoo", so I feel as if I am a man of taste and leisure--at a cost of only 12 dollars.

My wife and I went to Plano to the store Rochester Big and Tall, because not all the clothes she bought me for Christmas fit. They were in some cases too large, which is in my view preferable than if they had been too small. Since the holidays, I am losing weight. I consider this a good thing. I think that a bout of food poisoning and a bit of over-indulgence in holiday gingerbread and other victuals caused me to consider what I eat a bit. I am not so much dieting as eating right during more meals.

The man who had helped her in the holiday season was on vacation. The woman who tried to assist us put some effort into it, but did not seem to have her heart in it. We did not find replacements, and returned the clothes for credit that we could not use. I was intrigued by some "high end" clothes I saw, like a rather loud painted-looking print design costing 330 dollars, and at the "middle", a thing that looked like a tie-dyed polo shirt that was north of sixty dollars by some ways.

We headed to Eye Masters, where I hoped to get an optometrist check and then get new glasses. The optometrist was booked until tomorrow, though, and I am going to a concert tomorrow.

We headed to a new Mongolian BBQ with a name like Five Flames, over in Plano, just off the freeway. What great food at a reasonable price!

Then we went to Cavender's Boot City, a western wear store. An older fellow waited on us, and was pefect--attentive, not obtrusive, discerning, not over-bearing and in the moment. We found a pair of jeans and three shirts for me to wear, at a lesser cost than Rochester's would have been.

We took a walk. The day had warmed up to a welcome high 50s temperature. We saw this lovely kestrel:

Kestrel on a wire

Then I and our dogs set out for a simpler walk in our neighborhood. I saw that kestrel once again, flying quickly, a splash of colors. My dogs had a good time, too.

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