Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

7 thoughts about LiveJournal

1. I never have to un-friend someone who never posts, because they never post anyway.

2. In eight-plus years of having a weblog, LiveJournal drama (i.e., situations rendered needlessly emotional
through the communicative imperfections of the weblog format) has only happened thrice or so. One time was with a user with whom I had discussed how we'd never have such drama--and was, predictably, over something as near to trivial as possible.

3. I participate in lots of social media, from twitter to facebook to a music community to flickr to a few websites. Yet I find my LiveJournal weblog has a familiarity that is kind of like home. I think that LiveJournal provides a scope for writing that others of the social media do not satisfy.

4. You never realize how cool people are until you have a LiveJournal. You never get how insecure people are until you have a LiveJournal.

5. In the early days of LiveJournal, I'd run into lots of folks who posted very literary-leaning posts, with tons of links and images and allusions, and often with a kind of thematic slant which amounted to "this lj user is really very hip and deserves a book deal". I enjoyed a few of these journals, and found a few more a bit much. Somewhere along the line, though, this kind of LiveJournal stardom faded away, and the site became, overall, a bit better for the loss.

6. Some days LiveJournal seems like the 23rd hour of a 24 hour dance contest. But I say "strike up the band".

7. I still find LiveJournal one of the easiest self-publishing venues.
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